Second cygnet gone

Quite a stormy day on Loch Long today. Sadly it looks like the second cygnet (see photo below taken on Thursday) has now disappeared. Possibly to a Heron or Crow?

Sunday evening.
Thursday evening.

Until a few days ago there were two cygnets with mum and dad, sadly there now only appears to be the one.

[Mon. 18:23:36] Herbaceous heist

For the second time in a year, thieves have made off with plants from the planter at the village notice board.  It really is a sad reflection on our society that whilst many in the community are willing to give their time (and money) in improving the village, other individuals wish to destroy this good work.

[Sat. 14:55:34] Blue meow

Minnie oversees her owner’s Ardentinny garden today during the Shore Villages Open Gardens event which was part of the Scotland’s Garden Scheme. 

You still have time to visit these beautiful gardens between 1pm and 5pm on Sunday 27 June. Details in our What’s On column.  

Photo report to follow on Sunday.