Golden surprise at the end of the Glen

Margaret Robinson draws the the winning tickets

Lochs and Glens bus driver, Mr S Jenkins, had just driven over Glenfinart and stopped at Blairmore yesterday when he got a surprising call on his mobile.  The Glenfinart Walled Garden Raffle had only  just been drawn at Ardentinny Village Hall and he was the winner of a bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt. This was delivered to him poste haste as he waited at Blairmore while his passengers enjoyed a cuppa.

Volunteer Linda MacGuire won the holiday cottage let; Jeanette Riley, Ardentinny, won the McClintock paintings;  Josephine Ray of Blairmore learned there was a voucher for jewellery waiting for her at Blairmore Gallery. To our further delight, it was a wee 3 year old from Dunoon who won the extra prize of a  hand-made chocolate rabbit!

The funds raised from the raffle total £711.59, including £51.59 from donations.

Thank you Mr Jenkins for buying that ticket at Loch Fyne Food Fair and thanks to everyone who participated.  By another co-incidence yesterday the Community Council learned that  their planning application had finally arrived from the National Park and work can now begin on the Garden.

Merle Ferguson.
Photo: Anna Williamson.

Community Trust at Fyne Food Fair

Ardentinny Community Trust display at the Loch Fyne event.

Ardentinny Community Trust (ACT) is grateful to Virginia Sumsion, Marketing and Events manager, Loch Fyne Oysters, for the opportunity on 19th and 20th May to present an information stall at Fyne Food Fair and sell raffle tickets in aid of the restoration of Glenfinart Walled Garden. It was a very fine event indeed with great food and craft stalls and the interest and enthusiam from the crowds for the Garden project was much appreciated.
The raffle will be drawn this Friday, 1st June, at Ardentinny Village Hall, Soup’n’Sandwiches. Good luck and thanks to those who contributed the marvellous prizes.
Merle Ferguson

People and Produce

The Ardentinny Village Hall was thriving with people and produce, Sat 5th May 2012. They came together for a day of celebration and consultation following the recent purchase of the Glenfinart Walled Garden by the Ardentinny Community Trust, on behalf of the community. As well as locals, the event attracted people from across Cowal including Mike Russell MSP who has been a long term supporter of the project.
Tours of the garden were provided, along with an impressive selection of cakes, made by Anne Morrison, and other refreshments.

Information stalls and resources relating to community gardens and projects provided an inspiring backdrop for discussions about the potential of the historic space as a community asset. Further information about initial plans to develop the garden, through the clearance of a section of the site and the installation of a shed and polytunnel were displayed and Project Officer Hannah Clinch gave a presentation about the garden’s progress to date and some insights into other ‘West Coast’ garden projects.

Dennis Gower, ACT convener raised his glass in celebration of this fantastic achievement for and by the community. Thanks to everyone to date who has made the purchase of the garden possible and please continue to contribute your ideas. More information will follow on new volunteer opportunities in the garden over the summer.

Hannah Clinch.

20 years on. Are we still feeling the pain?

2012 is the 20th anniversary of the construction of the concrete jetty at Coulport and its associated infrastructure. According to this article in the Herald newspaper in September 1992 villagers’ views on the development were decidedly mixed. Have attitudes changed in 2012?