Ardentinny Bowling Club closes the season

Ardentinny Bowling Club closed its green on Saturday 2nd Oct.

Due to the heavy rain we did not play any bowls. Instead we met inside the clubhouse where President Dougie Menzies gave a short speech officially closing the green followed by everybody tucking in to tea and home baking. A good afternoon with plenty of chat and laughs.

The bowling club is a small friendly club as a lot of you know but we are desperately looking for new members. You do not need to be an experienced bowler to join, in fact two of our new members last year had never played before. All you need is a pair of flat soled shoes and we will do the rest. Please come along and give it a try visit

I will keep you up to date with any news from the club with especially the date of our opening day next April. Thank you.

01369 840861
(The picture is some of our members at the closing day)

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