The Ardentinny Archives: Dec 2007 – Pay to Go Carols

15 December, 2007.

On Saturday the 15th December 2007, a hardy group of carol choristers braved the cold night air and entertained many of Ardentinny’s residents with festive song.

The group, organised by the Village Hall Committee, had humbly assumed that their contributions might be less than welcome and so decided that their policy would be to sing so much that they would be paid to go away and all proceeds would go to the local charity C.L.A.S.P.

In the event, they collected £120 and thanks go to all who sang and donated. Whether they were paid to go or rewarded for their fine performance is for you to judge!

The Team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy festive period and a healthy and safe 2021. 

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