Goodbye Ardentinny


Madeleine Hacking, who leaves Ardentinny this week after 16 years in the village, has asked us to post her message below. We wish her well in pastures new.


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sophie thompson
2 years ago

Darlin Madeleine wotta beautiful message – I feel a bit cheeky replying as a part timer … tho’ a long timer –
But whenever I saw you u always were so so kind and friendly and open – u always offered up and I was always amazed by your gorgus hair! Also Bill showed me your sculpture Madeleine I hope u don’t mind – I loved it – it was soo full of life and authenticity. Gosh wishing u the best of times in East Yorkshire. I feel sure u have chosen another very special place in the world and they will be so very lucky to have u in their community –

Best to u Madeleine and my Love x Sophie x (the moorings)