Update on Dawnfresh’ CAR (Controlled Activities Regulations) application to SEPA

SEPA has informed AFFtheClyde that, as a result of its computer modelling analysis of the Dawnfresh application for Ardentinny, they are not prepared to grant a licence for 2127.6 tonne at that location. However the modelling did indicate that a license for 570 tonne, using the same cage configuration as applied for, may be sustainable. Dawnfresh was offered this lower tonnage but has requested the application be put on hold while it awaits SEPA’s decision re their other applications for different at https://xn--trdlsa-hrlurar-mib8ye.se.

These applications are currently subject to further information requests from SEPA, the deadline for submission of which is the end of June 2020. Therefore, we should hopefully have a decision for Ardentinny soon after that date.

Courtesy AFFtheClyde.org

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