Community Council emergency action plan & general advice

The following has been received from Ardentinny Community Council:

Ardentinny Community Council Emergency Action Plan and General Advice

As you are no doubt aware the coronavirus outbreak will affect everyone at some point within the village, the current advice as per the NHS Scotland website is as follows:

If you’ve developed a continuous cough or fever/high temperature in the last 7 days, stay at home for 7 days from the day your symptoms started.

If your symptoms are severe and you experience breathlessness or the condition it worsens.

Then phone your GP or if your GP is closed NHS 24 (111) 

If you must stay at home for 7- or 14-day period you shouldn’t go to work, school or public areas. 

Please note the information noted above is changing on a daily basis and therefore everyone should pay close attention to the news and were possible look on

The village emergency plan

The village have a list of volunteers within the community these volunteers are there to help some of them are themselves self-isolating however the contact listed delivered (to homes) contains details of what each volunteer can do.

If you are self-isolating or are within an at-risk group then please make contact with both the coordinator and any of the volunteers, and provide them with your details.

What to do if you are self-isolating or in an at-risk category

The very first step which everyone should be considering now is setting up a buddy system with your closest neighbours, make a point of speaking on a daily basis either by phone or over the fence, this may not be possible in some areas but in a lot of areas where there are houses close together this will also ensure no one is left on their own.

Secondly, if you are isolating contact myself (Neil Robinson), the coordinator to ensure I know you are in isolation for whatever reason, likewise if you do come out of isolation please let me know so I can up date the village list.

Everyone in the village should keep the coordinator updated regarding coming in and out of isolation.

Finally if you are in isolation for any reason after letting the coordinator know, have a read through the contacts list that will be hand delivered to each household in the Ardentinny area. We are a small community, it is unlikely there is no one on the list you know, simply find someone you are comfortable speaking with and make direct contact.

If there is no one on the list you know then please ring me the coordinator my contact details are at the very top of the list.

What can the volunteers do?

The volunteers can do quite a lot, they should contact those at risk daily this may be just a phone call, a chat or a visit but ensure we all remain fit and well and have enough supplies to last however long the virus remains.

Some of the volunteers can collect shopping some will assist with gardening, IT issues Just ask 

Please use the group and do not think you are putting anyone out, we are all in this together so even if its just a chat please use the numbers (in the list) and give someone a call.

Please remember anyone who is either in an at-risk group or self-isolating should contact the coordinator so that the villages current standing with regards the virus can be managed.

Please do not publish the (hand delivered) contact details on social media everyone will receive a hard copy through their door containing contact details.

If your struggling to cope or just need to chat please ring.

Useful Resource: Ardentinny Residents’ Forum. Click here

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