Ardentinny Community Council Emergency Action Plan call for volunteers

Received from Ardentinny Community Council:

As you are no doubt aware the coronavirus outbreak is starting to affect everyone in the Ardentinny community council area with this in mind the community council is in the process of creating a plan within which those most at risk or those with symptoms who are self-isolating can get hold of basic provisions, prescriptions and be contacted on a daily basis to make sure everyone stays as health as possible and has at least one person they can contact in case they do need anything.

Prior to putting the plan in place the main requirement will be to get a centralised list of volunteers and a central coordinator who can control any funds they might have which volunteers and those in need can get access to.

This announcement is asking for volunteers. As convenor and not being in the main at risk category I am more than happy to act as coordinator for the group.

If you would like to volunteer please email me at I will need the following details so I can put  the master list together.

Details required:

Home phone number:  
Mobile number:  
Email Address:  
Are you in an at-risk category  
Are you already self-isolating  
Times you are available  
What you are willing to do (see note 1)  

Note 1: what are you willing to do?

This needs to be fairly short however just because a person is self-isolating or at risk this does not discount them from becoming a volunteer they could simply volunteer to ring people at risk and stay in contact with others self-isolating this might be the case where some people don’t know many other people in the village.

If you are willing to drive and pick up supplies, then this should be noted.

if you have it skills and are willing to get older people or personal without it know how get on line then that could be noted and could be a big help early days

Please note that your contact details will be published on the hand delivered letter but not on Facebook or other websites were I will just publish your name, this may sound bad but we do still have to think about everyone’s data protection

An online Ardentinny Residents Forum has been created here. If you are not already a member, please consider joining. This will enable everyone to be kept up to date with developments and to interact online with others in the community.  


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