Ardentinny Renewables Trust – Recent funding recipients

Ardentinny Renewables Trust (ART) has announced the latest successful funding applications as follows:

  Beneficiary Purpose Amount
2019 – July Ardentinny Community Council Replacement village noticeboard £1,160.00
  Neil Robinson Bees and equipment £632.91
  Ardentinny Community Trust Glenfinart Walled Garden new tables and chairs £589.72
  Ardentinny Bowling Club 2 – 1000L water tanks  £420.00
  Ardentinny Heritage Group Village centre planter and plants £198.71
2018 – Dec. Ardentinny Community Trust Glenfinart Walled Garden lawn mower £585.00
  Ardentinny Bowling Club Purchase of bowls gatherers £376.00
  Forestry Commission 2 – benches sited along River Finart £750.00

ART receives and manages the annual income to the community of the mandatory 5% of Feed-in Tariff (FIT)  from the local hydro energy projects now underway in the village. The Trust then allocates these funds to local group and individual projects which they consider will be beneficial to the Ardentinny community.


Any Ardentinny resident or group who are members of ART may apply for funding (funding application form below). Membership is free and the application form can be downloaded below.

Download ART Membership Form

Download ART Funding Application


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Elaine Allan
3 years ago

I’m at a bit of a loss as to how an application to fund purchase of bees and equipment meets the ART criteria and bring any community benefit.
‘Honeybees are artificially-bred agricultural animals similar to livestock such as pigs and cows. But this livestock can roam beyond any enclosures to disrupt local ecosystems through competition and disease.’

The conservationists argue there is a “lack of distinction” in public understanding – fuelled by misguided charity campaigns – between an agricultural problem and an urgent biodiversity issue.

In addition to the points above, research clearly indicates that bees are not only highly intelligent, but are sentient individuals which alone indicates that their lives matter to them. They make honey as food for themselves, not for humans to take for financial gain. We have no business depriving them of what they work so hard to create. Being vegan is the recognition of this.