Community Council returns after eight month break

Ardentinny’s new community council held its first public meeting on 17th December, 2018. Neil Robinson, Convener began by thanking the previous committee for its work and  introducing the new committee, i.e., Bill Tierney, Treasurer, Alistair McLundie, Secretary, Rob Bray and Jim Robinson, ordinary members. He also later announced that Marian Norris is being co-opted on to the committee as an ordinary member for her experience and vast knowledge of the village and that, former resident, Eileen Connell will type the minutes and maintain the community council website and facebook page at a cost of £25.00 per meeting.

Treasurer, Bill Tierney reported current finances stood at a healthy £2239.97. He is looking into using internet banking in order to keep everyone continuously up to date and the two new bank signatories, Jim Robinson and Rob Bray, were approved. He said in previous years the cc had received two grants but, this year only one has come through and so he will make enquiries as to why and report back.

Bill also reported on the latest activity of Ardentinny Renewables Trust (ART). Since the last community council meeting in April 2018 ART had given grants to: Glenfinart Walled Garden for a new mower; The Bowling Club for bowls gatherers and a grant of £580 and £170 for two benches to be sited by the Forestry Commission along the riverside and by the bridge some time in the spring of next year. There is still £1800 of funds available and there is more to come in from Ross MacArthur’s project.

There was no report from The Village Hall Committee; Argyll and Bute Council; or the Police although the Convener did say the police report had arrived by email just as he was leaving for the meeting.

Ardentinny Community Trust submitted a report which reflected the news in their latest newsletter (

Eileen Connel reported that Ardentinny conservation and heritage group had held a fundraiser to buy 3000 Ardentinny leaflets. They are also in receipt of a grant from ART for a new notice board. They have the necessary permissions and it should be in place by February. She said that the old notice board could be re-used and that it had been mentioned that Ardenfield, the Walled Garden, or the Hall might use it. The Convener said it would go on a first come, first served basis.

There was a question from the floor regarding the status of an emergency plan for the village which was first raised at the cc inaugural meeting in 2013 ( The Convener promised to look into it and report back at the next meeting which is Monday 1 April, 2019.

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