Ardentinny Renewables Trust receives first tranche of community funds

Members of Ardentinny Renewables Trust (ART) will already be aware that the first tranche of funds, i.e., £5322.78, from the Hydrover hydro scheme, has been received by the Trust and funding applications for its use are invited.

Applicants must first be resident within the Ardentinny Community Council area and be members of ART. Funds applied for must be for the benefit of Ardentinny. There are no limits to the amount but applicants are encouraged to source funds from more than one grant funder, particularly in the case of larger projects.

Successful applications will be decided by the ART ‘Funding Panel’ of 7 members who were nominated at the 2018 AGM. They will meet privately up to four times a year to consider applications but may occasionally request applicants to attend. They will base their decisions on consideration of which projects offer the greatest and widest benefit to the Ardentinny community, taking into account the number of applicants, the fund balance and any previous awards.

If you are not yet a Trust member and wish to be so, contact Neil Robinson, ART Secretary @

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