Ardentinny monkey puzzle


The photograph above of two children and a chimpanzee was provided by Elaine Allan, former owner of Blink Bonny Cottage, Ardentinny.

During renovation of the property some years ago, Elaine found the photograph hanging on a concealed wall. The image shows the children and chimp in front of a painted canvas backdrop of Glenfinart Bay and Shepherds Point. From the style of dress, it possibly dates from the 1950’s.

If anyone has any information on who the children are and how the photo came about, please get in touch.

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Tom Rhodes

FAO Margaret McPherson

Sadly John Rhodes passed away on 24th May 2018.

Ian MacPherson-Blane

Ardentinny Monkey Puzzle I don’t know if the following is of any connection with the monkey puzzle story. Mrs Lilian M. Russell lived at Ashburn, Strone. She worked as a voluntary worker with Dr Albert Schweitzer in Africa up until about 1939. Sometimes when she came back from her work there she would bring a young monkey with her to ensure its life, the mother having been killed. She visited Ardentinny quite a few times with the monkey. She did write a book ‘My Monkey Friends’ and I was given one. Many years later I loaned it to someone but… Read more »