Argyll and Bute welcomes refugees

Refugees fleeing the Syrian war zone are to be welcomed into Argyll and Bute with open arms.

In an announcement made today by Argyll and Bute Council, at least 20 refugees will be offered housing and support in the area, with the possibility of more in the future.

Council Leader, Councillor Dick Walsh, said: “We have a moral duty to help. We cannot sit back and do nothing while these poor people try desperately to escape war torn countries, risking their lives and their family’s lives in the process.

“If we can help just 20 people, then that’s 20 people who will have the opportunity of a better life.”

Councillor Walsh continued, “We will be working alongside our Community Planning Partners to discuss the best way to support them and to integrate them into our communities.

“The spirit of positivity – of moving forward together – is much, much more than a title or a theme. Here in Argyll and Bute it is, quite simply, how we think and what we do.”

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7 years ago

Neil – Thought u would have realised that project fear2 wont work in Scotland again for the refugee (or any other) situation. Scotland is not too wee, too poor, too stupid or too frightened to welcome refugees to its shores

7 years ago

Hi Geoff good comment about the council and I agree they did promoted their support in a very passive and not condescending way which I totally agree with, I also agree with your comments regarding actual refugees regarding temporary accommodation whilst waiting to be relocated no issues here at all, the issue was the poster which unfortunately for Gerry is political and does state the whole village welcomes refugees.
Anyone that believes the refugee crisis is non-political is clearly not watching or following the news from around the world, this is a huge political point for everyone not just Scotland but the whole of the EU and outside the EU and one for which there is no quick fix.

Gerry I have no issue with yours or others support of this however your poster is not the generic sentiments of the whole village and I would suggest you reword it so it is not as direct and is indeed more generic, I would also suggest approaching the community council about the matter and see if they can give advice on how to promote the issue within the village and see what the village can offer.

Finally at the moment until I see firm evidence that everyone coming through the gates are actual refugees and not ISIS fighters flooding into the EU to create mayhem no I will not support this issue, however there are plenty that do support it I would simply ask that you don’t place your own personal views in such a direct manner implicating everyone when it is not the case

Gerry more than happy to chat more about this issue over coffee and biscuits, but will refrain from anymore posts on such a big political issue

Gerry McGinty
7 years ago

“Putting a poster up on a notice board stating the whole village welcomes refugees without consultation is a bold move.”
The posters DO NOT claim that the whole village welcomes refugees – they are generic sentiments which I would suggest reflects the views and welcoming nature of the majority of Scots people – a people who, over many years, have taken in and welcomed refugees from many different forms of oppression.
Further, the posters are NOT POLITICAL but are simply offering aid from people of many shades of opinion who cannot sit idly by and watch victims of war who have been driven from their homes and who are now being held in squalor when aid is a train ride away.
I am certain that the majority of people in this ‘small community’ don’t want to see small bodies drifting in the tide or being tear-gassed by the Hungarian police – people of a country (Hungary 1956) who in my lifetime were refugees and many of whom found a haven in Scotland.

7 years ago

As a serving Ardentinny Community Councillor it came as a surprise to receive a communication from the Chair of the CC asking if I would support a notice being placed on the village notice board, forbidding posters expressing support for the refugees fleeing various conflicts,citing the advice given to CC by Argyll and Bute council to refrain from political issues. I have not been involved in any discussions with fellow community councillors to determine whether these can be considered political or humanitarian matters, that decision seem to have been taken by the chair, bypassing the democratic process. To describe a humanitarian gesture as political posturing as one of my fellow councillors did yet be happy to use procedure to frustrate efforts to highlight a humanitarian tragedy fills me with sadness and brings shame on our community if this allowed to happen.

7 years ago

Neil. Unsurprisingly there are very efficient structures in place in Scotland for helping and welcoming refugees. We’ve been doing it for a long time. The Council did not put up posters as it used the Press and other media to get this news across. I suspect those putting up posters with a welcome message are doing so in solidarity. I find it heartening to know that already people in Ardentinny have offered to home refugees. Often their need for immediate shelter is a short-term one until they can be relocated to where there are further opportunities and support before they can go it alone. If you would like to help a refugee I see there is further information on this website.

7 years ago

Thanks for at least registering that I have an opinion Anna, fortunately although the council didn’t ask anyone’s opinion they also never went around putting posters up all over the place as well, wherever these so called refugees of which I can only hope some are genuine are placed there will be trouble guaranteed.

Don’t get me wrong here I am all for helping actual refugees but let’s face facts here these are not simply refugees anyone that thinks that are clearly not watching this calamity unfold, we have enough problems of our own with personnel living off the streets, going to food banks and soup kitchens without having the extra burden of these “refugees” thrust upon us.

On another point what would ardentinny offer someone who cannot drive doesn’t speak the language and will not integrate with the community, what jobs can we offer, there are no local shops, let’s face there are hardly any children in the community either these points make it extremely difficult for someone to settle, unless of course there is a plan in place or you are offering your services to help out.

Anna Williamson
7 years ago

I am sure that Argyll and Bute council did not ask each person living here of their opinion.
They had the bold move to show a humanitarian gesture.
Thank goodness there are some people out there with kind hearts.
But you of course are entitled to your opinion, as we all are.

7 years ago

If what you are suggesting is true, it is indeed a very sad reflection on our society.

7 years ago

If it was the view of the whole village I could understand your comments here however it is clearly not the view of the whole village as you haven’t even approached anyone in the village to ask their thoughts on this matter.
Putting a poster up on a notice board stating the whole village welcomes refugees without consultation is a bold move.
I would suggest at the very minimum go around and get the views of the community before placing these very political comments up on the board, you may well be in for a shock as it is very rare for a small community to agree whole heartedly to these points.

Anna Williamson
7 years ago

As a Grandmother of small children it breaks my heart that so many are dying. The families that do make it have a horrendous journey ahead of them. I often think what it would be like for me and my 12 5 and 3 month old grandchildren to suffer in this way.

Gerry McGinty
7 years ago

Great news! But what a pity that someone in our wee community of Ardentinny takes exception to welcoming refugees and goes to the extreme bother of repeatedly stealing ‘REFUGEES WELCOME’ posters from the village noticeboard. I could accept their opposing point of view in debate but ‘sleekit’ vandalism of this sort makes me sick!!!

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