Steering Group drafts constitution for Ardentinny Renewables Trust

On 5 May, there was a second meeting of the Hydro Steering Group with the purpose of drafting the constitution of the proposed Ardentinny Renewables Trust (ART). The group worked on assessing relevant content of another project’s constitution with a view to its inclusion in their proposed draft. There is to be a further meeting to discuss ‘criteria’, the date of which is to be decided.

It was asked if the final draft would be made available to residents on a consultation basis. There was some opposition to the need for this, the suggestion being made that everyone in the village could have joined the Steering Group if they so wished. It was decided that it would be made available to the public on an information basis, with the possibility of commenting should a community member wish to do so.

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John Cochrane
8 years ago

Last time I looked this was an open forum seeking views and comments on interests affecting or impacting on the local Community. I commend it for offering this facility to those of us who cannot turn out to meetings etc. I have no doubt that the members of the Steering Group has worked hard and have the best interests of the village at the front of their thought processes. Why else would the volunteer!
However, for Mr. Menzies to say one cannot comment on half a story is a bit short sighted. Perhaps he would like to share the full story so that we are in possession of the full facts. My comment was not one of criticism of the inner workings of the Group but more of an observation on the sharing of information prior to the final decision being taken. I can see no reason to either amend or withdraw my previous remarks. The more local people signing up to this final consultation document the better at least in that way it will alleviate the responsibility on the shoulders of 18 members of the Steering Group.

Dougie Menzies
8 years ago

The steering group were formed following public meetings and were entrusted to come up with the aims and the constitution to carry forward until the trust is formed.
It was good to get eighteen volunteers from the village and they have made all decisions open to anybody in the village.
People should not comment when they only know half the story

Catriona Gower
8 years ago

If you don’t consult you won’t represent Ardentinny, merely the steering group’s majority view. Seems obvious to me.

Merle Ferguson
8 years ago

As a member of the steering group who argued for residents’s consultation ,including pointing out that both physically and for reasons of other commitments, not all residents could be expected to attend the steering group, I welcome Mr Cochrane’s comment.

John Cochrane
8 years ago

The Hydro Steering Group would appear to have missed an opportunity here to be a positive voice of those residents of the Ardentinny, by not fully involving them in any eventual decision. The statement in regards their voice and opinions being included only if they had taken up the opportunity to be members of the Steering Group is disingenuous to democracy. How large a group does one need to formulate a plan? Surely a small group of skilled members is better than an open house of a talking shop. The draft document should be circulated with a deadline date for comment followed by a discussion in the Village hall to consolidate it prior to any further submission. Then the opinions and views can be heard.