Ardentinny Community Action Plan Steering Group formed

A meeting was held on Friday 12th December to set up a steering group to produce an Action Plan for Ardentinny. The meeting was chaired by David Mackenzie, National Park, and present were representatives from the Art Club, the Badminton Group, the Bowling Club, the Community Council, the Community Trust, the SWRI and the Village Hall Committee. A representative from the Church was unable to attend but hopes to come to future meetings. A steering group was set up to take the plan forward.

Ardentinny Community Action Plan – Steering Group

Marian Norris (Chairman)

Jo Carr

Val Kennedy

Dougie Menzies

Lynn Kerr

Eileen Connell

Dennis Gower

Sandra Primrose

Plan Organiser: Ceci Alderton

It is hoped that all the community will take the opportunity to have their say about various matters concerning the village. A written survey will be issued to all households in Ardentinny in January, and Ceci Alderton will conduct interviews with stakeholders. Villagers will be contacted to ask if they are willing to be interviewed. All information and suggestions will be collated and there will be a community workshop to be held in Ardentinny Hall on Saturday 21st March 1-3.

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