262 safety accidents at Clyde nuclear bases as new Coulport explosives handling facility revealed

Submarine earlier this week on Loch Long

In an article, by environment correspondent Rob Edwards in today’s Sunday Herald, the Ministry of Defence has revealed that it is planning a new conventional explosives handling facility at Coulport to deal with the growing number of nuclear submarines due to be based on the Clyde over the next few years.

In addition, a report, released under the Freedom of Information Act, has disclosed that in the five years up to August 2012, 262 nuclear safety incidents attributed to “human factors” have been reported at Clyde naval bases. 

As the residents of Ardentinny await a public meeting with MoD representatives which was demanded at the recent Community Council meeting, the Sunday Herald’s report highlights that greater communication is needed between Ardentinny and its neighbours across Loch Long.

– Sunday Herald: Nuclear safety incidents at Clyde bases ‘chilling’

– Rob Edwards: MoD report reveals over 260 safety incidents at Clyde nuclear bases

– Nuclear safety at HMNB Clyde report released by the Ministry of Defence

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8 years ago

Not only am I very disappointed to see from puzzled`s comment that there has been no communication from the chair of community council to the M.O.D, I feel that as resident of Ardentinny we should at least have a voice. Surely then, the proper way to do this is through the community council? Was it just a waste of my time going to ask this of them? i hope not.

8 years ago

Have we heard from the MOD? When are they coming to meet with the residents? Its 3 weeks since the Community Council Meeting when Val Kennedy was asked, by the floor to invite the MOD to a meeting in the village. Bruce Marshall said that if they had not agreed to meet within the 4 week deadline he instructed Val to put on the meeting, he and the other councillors would contact the MOD themselves.

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