Possible exercises today at RNAD Coulport

We have received the following statement from HMNB Clyde, Helensburgh.

Royal Marines and Ministry of Defence Police are undertaking planned exercises in a redundant area of RNAD Coulport and carry no risk to the local community or military personnel. The exercises may result in intermittent explosive noise but there is no risk to the public.

HMNB Clyde has also informed us “that further exercises may take place today between 11.45 and 16.45hrs, and there is also the possibility of further exercises taking place either next Tuesday (1 April) or Wednesday (2 April). This is to be confirmed”. They also confirmed that, as Community Council Convener Val Kennedy has offered to be a conduit between the MOD and the community, including ardentinny.org,  that they will liaise with her in future if they are issuing any pre-emptive information about RNAD Coulport activity.

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9 years ago

I condemn these local exercises 100%. I have a young dog who was visibly terrified by these noises. She wouldn’t leave my side for hours after the last explosion, I think it’s outrageous. Why are they allowed to do this so close to local communities!!! Someone should be answerable! I’d like to set off a few explosions in their backyard.

9 years ago

I have never experienced noise like that and Ifound it really shocking .My first thought was an incident at the base and I was visably shaken up. Ridiculous that there was no notices visible around the village of Ardentinny.Total disregard by the MOD.

9 years ago

Roy. I didn’t realise Ardentinny was on the Irish Sea. If the explosions are indeed part of these war games, why was our village not fully informed by the MOD, and really is there a need for the blasts we have experienced since Monday?

9 years ago

Forewarning or not, the strength of these explosions is unacceptable so near a populated area. Particularly given their frequency and the length of the time period over which they happen. It would be nigh impossible to regularly arrange for vulnerable relatives to be taken a distance away, not to mention people’s pets and the untold damage to shaken windows and foundations. I wonder if the MOD is aware of what the noise and attendant shock waves feel like over here? Affected residents should make their voices heard.

9 years ago

Doesn’t this come under noise pollution laws? Or is Coulport exempt!

9 years ago

ardentinny.org has been most expedient in making information known and I would want to know how the convener of the CC intends ensuring this continues. In the past information which should have been in public domain was lost in an inbox and only made public after the events and too late. Reliance on a notice on the notice board in this day and age is ridiculous, as in the time it takes to hit the print button the same information can be instantly accessible.

I agree with earlier comments that it is not good enough and shows little regard for the community.

9 years ago

Don’t turn this into a political issue. Can’t imagine the Scottish Marines and the SMOD doing things any differently.

9 years ago

Too little too late. Roll on independence.

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