Ardentinny shaken by more Coulport blasts

[Update 16.30:  An MOD spokesperson has just informed us that his colleagues in Coulport have confirmed that the exercises have stopped for this week but there is a possibility that they may continue next Tuesday or Wednesday.]

[Update: 16.15: So far today five loud blasts have been heard from Coulport. Police Scotland have said they are aware of exercises taking place at Coulport and any complaints should be made to the MOD.]

The peaceful village of Ardentinny continued to be shaken today by huge blasts from Coulport. With four blasts on Monday, two blasts were heard yesterday (Tuesday) and a further two today.

An MOD spokesperson said “We apologise if any alarm was caused and that there was nothing to worry about and that the MOD are undertaking exercises which involve the setting off of charges and that these should be completed by this Friday”.

We understand that a local resident has made a formal complaint to the Police in this regard.

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9 years ago

I agree Bill !!

9 years ago

So much for having finished for this week…that’s 2 more window shaking explosions so far today.

Bill Williamson
9 years ago

I find the recent unexplained and unannounced explosions affecting Ardentinny unacceptable. The local police would not accept a complaint about the noise saying it’s a matter for the MOD. These explosions are an example of the contempt the MOD have for communities affected by their activities. I hope if anyone else agrees, they will attend the next Community Council meeting on Tuesday 1 April at 7.30 p.m. Bill.