February Police Report

At this month’s Community Council meeting the Police Report included 28 minor incidents in the shore/Ardentinny area over the previous 2 months. Most incidents were related to road traffic accidents, several from the effects of the storms. One crime was recorded, with a male being arrested for disturbance.

There are ongoing measures underway related to speeding and anti-social driving. A Community Councillor reported that she had informed the police regarding instances of “boy racers” going through the village on Thursday evenings. Residents are requested to call 101 to report any similar activity within the village.

Ardentinny falls within the Cowal East Rural Watch Scheme. One of the main aims of the scheme is to promote continued communication between villagers and the Police; share intelligence; heighten awareness of vulnerabilities; and work together to prevent crime. Police Scotland and the Ministry of Defence Police will carry out patrols including joint operations to reassure the community, act as a deterrent and ultimately reduce crime in the area. Residents are encouraged to join the scheme at ourwatch.co.uk.

Dates for mobile police office visits to the area are published in the local paper and we will endeavour to include dates for these visits in future.

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