15-lodge holiday complex planned for Ardentinny

A planning application for the construction of 15 two and three-bedroom holiday lodges at Barnacabber Farm, Ardentinny has been submitted to Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

The application which includes 15 high quality homes with en-suite bathrooms, saunas, barbecue huts and hot tubs would be sited near the existing deer farm. The proposed complex also includes a reception building, shop and 39 parking places.

The planning Application can be viewed in full here and comments submitted here.

Proposed site

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9 years ago

Dave, I disagree on your shop views. It won’t exactly be in the village will it, so people will still need to use their cars, in which case they’ll use their cars once a week to get the variety and cheap prices at Morrisons. Anyway, would the shop be open to non-campers?…and all the year round?
You’ll probably find that it’ll bring as many jobs to the village as Ardentinny Centre promised to when it re-opened recently, and that was none!. The school closed because there weren’t enough kids to support it and, short of a massive change in human biology, I can’t see that changing. There may be a bit more seasonal support for the Glenfinart and possibly the Ardentinny when it re-opens which isn’t a bad thing obviously but I’ll take your comment about the bus service as being “tongue in cheek”!
No, I just think we should agree to differ on this one, you have your opinion, I respect it, please respect mine. Personally I’d rather see a field of deer roaming happily around than a plot of 15 holiday cabins. Next, they’ll be wanting an 80ft windmill to provide their power. No thanks.

9 years ago

I’ve looked at the drawings and, like Maria, think that this is a great idea. Winner: I think that your comments are very short sighted. You ask what’s in it for the village? Many local people have shown a desire for a local shop rather than having to travel to Strone, Cot House or Dunoon for a pint of milk. The plans show that this complex will provide that shop. It can also provide jobs both directly and indirectly through tourists supporting businesses like Quadmania, pubs/restaurants and other local businesses. In a village where most young people leave due to lack of opportunities I think that this is vital. The village has already lost its school, Heron Tearoom and shop through lack of custom. When is the Ardentinny Hotel pub likely to reopen? What’s next – cutting the bus service back? Although with your comments about the road being incapable of taking such traffic perhaps you would like this.

Pauline: I’ve looked at the plans and can’t see how 2 or 3 bedroom houses can be classed as “LARGE”.

9 years ago

Increased traffic through the village, especially during the construction phase, will the current road take it?, overcrowded beach everyday in the summer. I just don’t see what’s in this for the village! We’ve already got the caravan park and Gairletter a couple of miles away, do we really need another holiday camp?

9 years ago

Yes I agree with lochy, holiday homes might be the idea now but what if that doesn’t pan out ? Do they then become 15 more LARGE houses in Ardentinny. We didn’t want those previously proposed, so what would be the logic of approving these.Just because the words” high quality” appear, does not mean they should be built. Seems rather elitist to me !

9 years ago

I looked at the plans on the National Park website and it looks fabulous!

9 years ago

Is Ardentinny not already oversubscribed with vacant holiday homes?