Historic tug comes to rest in rocky inlet

HMRT Golden Cross is tonight lodged on sand in an inlet near Shepherds Point, Ardentinny, Argyll. The 58 year-old vessel, which broke its mooring in high winds early this morning, drifted off a sandbank near Sandy Beach at high tide.  She is now in relatively calm waters along the rocky shoreline. At dusk tonight, MOD Police boarded the vessel and appear to have secured her to the shore, possibly to enable her to be pulled off at the next high tide. Also in attendance was SERCO tug SD Resourceful.

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8 years ago

here here Maria – most sensible comment on this whole subject

8 years ago

It’s easy to poke fun at others’ misfortunes but they come to us all sooner or later. Don’t think anyone has room to’throw stones’ and what possible good does it do? Maria

8 years ago

Oh dear! Was that a dummy run? Or did the banks phone to say the cheque bounced?