Video: Northern Bottlenose Whale in Loch Long

[Updated 4 Sept. 2012]
The following is a clip from the webcam filmed on Tuesday 28 August, 2012 off Coulport.

As requested by several of our visitors, we have posted below the full sequence of still images of the whale. 

[Update 3 Sept. 18.30] The photograph offers a complete picture  and The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) have identified this one as a Northern Bottlenose whale. More at

[Update 3 Sept.] One contributor in our Facebook page thinks it’s a Northern Bottlenose Whale. Our money’s on this suggestion!

With reports in the last few days of a Minke Whale being spotted in Loch Long at Ardmay. Is this photograph (taken this afternoon) of a porpoise or Minke Whale? Answers below please or on our new Facebook page.


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chantal winning
10 years ago

This is great! My family and I were so delighted to see a whale today which breeched out the water twice and was only 5 metres from some young kids on an outdoor canoeing group. We were on the jet ski and followed it from a far for some time. It definately wasnt like the bottlenose you have on here. Much longer body with the fin two thirds down the animal, it seemed tired as it headed back up towards carrick on the east side of loch goil. It was amazing to see i only hope it finds its way out. Looking at various info sites and knowing how close it ws to us ( so we all had very close look) it was 99% certain that it was a Minke whale. we ll head out again later to see if we can see anything. In the meantime, ForArgyle (as they had other reported sightings too) notifed the BDLMR 🙂

10 years ago

How wonderful to see a Northern Bottlenose whale! Any more photos available?

10 years ago

This picture is not a Minke whale. This is much too small and the breaching/leaping is uncharacteristic of a Minke. They have very long bodies with a smallish fin towards the rear.

This looks like a porpoise, but hard to get a perspective on just how small it is.

gordon robertson
10 years ago

This afternoon my son and i were fishing in Loch Long from the shore at Knap,when we were fortunate to see at least two what we were sure were large Dolphins leaping for at least five minutes.They could have been Minke Whales,but most certainly not Porpoises.

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