Golden Cross: Unanswered questions

Related to the Golden Cross mooring incident reported earlier this week, we received the following email for publication from Mr. D. Symon which is reproduced here with his permission.

Just a short note to let people know the facts about the mooring of the Golden Cross. The tug did not break or wear through her mooring chains. After consultation with an expert (of) 30 years experience the mooring had been tampered with. The Queens Harbour Master had inspected the mooring when it was laid and he was happy with it. So myself and other parties involved along with a mooring expert have come to the conclusion that one or more persons tampered with the mooring. We thank for their unbiased report.

D. Symon.

Personnel from Clyde Admiralty pilot boat SD Clyde Racer photograph the mooring earlier today.

Video: Northern Bottlenose Whale in Loch Long

[Updated 4 Sept. 2012]
The following is a clip from the webcam filmed on Tuesday 28 August, 2012 off Coulport.

As requested by several of our visitors, we have posted below the full sequence of still images of the whale. 

[Update 3 Sept. 18.30] The photograph offers a complete picture  and The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) have identified this one as a Northern Bottlenose whale. More at

[Update 3 Sept.] One contributor in our Facebook page thinks it’s a Northern Bottlenose Whale. Our money’s on this suggestion!

With reports in the last few days of a Minke Whale being spotted in Loch Long at Ardmay. Is this photograph (taken this afternoon) of a porpoise or Minke Whale? Answers below please or on our new Facebook page.