Dunoon Observer ‘Correction’

In its 9 June edition the Dunoon Observer copied and printed our article ‘MOD needs to listen to its neighbours in Ardentinny says Argyll MSP‘ almost in its entirety and without our knowledge or permission. The Observer also added its own erroneous introduction to the article without checking with the source of the article.

We have since received an emailed apology from the sub-editor responsible and the newspaper has printed a ‘correction’ on page two of its 15th June edition. Although not stated in the ‘correction’, we would like to reiterate to our visitors and those who contributed to our article, that at no time did we give permission to the Dunoon Observer to lift and reprint our copyrighted material from

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10 years ago

Sounds like some very lazy “reporting” on the part of the local rag!

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