Historic Tug Golden Cross arrives off Ardentinny

Captured by LochLongCam.com, Golden Cross is manoeuvred into position off Ardentinny earlier today

Assisted by the multi-role vessel Mary M, historic tug Golden Cross reached its final destination off Ardentinny earlier today after a 650 mile voyage from Falmouth. Built by Scott and Sons at their Bowling yard in 1955, The 132 ton tug was in danger of being sold overseas or scrapped when a group of Argyll residents decided to rescue the vessel and bring her to Ardentinny. Over the winter the vessel was moored at Holy Loch Marina and latterly Roseneath.

More information on the Golden Cross project is available here.
Dunoon Observer article from 23 September, 2011 (PDF).
More images from today’s arrival.
Moorings preparation off Ardentinny on 16 April.

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11 years ago

I somehow don’t think Ardentinny residents would have much of a say on that one Maria!

11 years ago

Personally I find WMD more disturbing but I guess it takes all sorts.

11 years ago

Can’t say I see any problem with this myself. Boats come in all shapes and sizes. Planning permission for a boat on a loch? That sounds an interesting one! I’ve no doubt the tug owner plans to renovate the boat to bring it back to its former glory.

11 years ago

Can anyone tell me why this hulk of metal has been dumped on Ardentinny’s doorstep?…and why it seems anyone can dump anything just yards away from our front windows without having to seek planning permission or at least some kind of approval from the locals. I say take it away and moor it where it’s wanted; it might be a piece of maritime history but, let’s face it, it’s not a pretty sight!!