Lambing season – Warning to dog walkers

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park has issued a timely reminder to all dog walkers in the park to keep their dogs on leads when walking near livestock. Over the past six weeks, nine incidents have been reported to Central Scotland Police involving dogs and sheep. Ardentinny is only too aware of the consequences if a dog comes into contact with sheep, given the sad incident a couple of years ago when a pet dog was shot by a local farmer.

Dog owners should also remember that farmers regularly rotate fields containing sheep, therefore, the owner may not necessarily be sure what’s on the other side of the hedge. A normally placid family dog can become a killer in a field of sheep and, even if the sheep remain untouched, it could cause lambs to be aborted or death of the sheep later.

Please keep your dog fully under control when near livestock.

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