Ardentinny Community Council meeting Minutes 7 February, 2012.

Ardentinny Community Council meeting Minutes 7 February, 2012.

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10 years ago

What a strange question freda. I would suggest you take a few moments to look over the many important issues this site has dealt with over the years (from dumping of ammunition locally to the BT cuts earlier this year.. I could go on!), I think you will easily come to the conclusion that “serves” (as you put it) you, me and the rest of the village! Good on em.

Freda Waldapfel
10 years ago

Thank you David. It would be good to see your name next to your comments, as mine is here.

My second question is Who exactly does this website serve?

I logged into to find out what time the popular Easter Bunny Hunt and Barbeque was today, and to see when the Bowling Green opened as I hoped to put a poster there. No mention. The last entry for the Village Hall was December last year, the last entry on the progress on Glenfinart Walled Garden was November last year….

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