BT Outage: All reported faults should be repaired by end of today

The following update has today been received via Michael Russell MSP from Head of Scottish Affairs, BT Scotland.

An update – by close of play today our engineers believe they will have repaired all the reported faults ( currently less than 10 known faults outstanding). However they are concerned that there are more operational lines than faults received. If anyone in the community currently has no service and has not reported the fault they need to do that. It should be done through the normal 151 fault line but I am also prepared to flag up any faulty numbers you might want to pass to me to the local Openreach Manager. As I explained previously the damage to our cable has meant that engineers are having to trace the line back from the customers premises to the main cable – they are continuing to do that but it will help enormously if they have the telephone numbers of all the faulty lines

Ian Shanks
Head of Scottish Affairs
BT Scotland

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11 years ago

I don’t live in Ardentinny and, from the lack of ‘telephony’, I’m jolly glad I don’t. However I can’t help but remark that BT’s comments don’t make sense. As far as I can see from the description, both written and photographic, on this website it is clear to anyone passing that the main telephone line has been cut in two leaving one half of the village without landlines and BT are now there daily working on the problem, Therefore, why would those affected feel the need to report a fault when BT clearly sees the fault. Also calling 151 will only work from a landline, not a mobile, something those affected don’t currently have. Surely BT needs to either deliver or send a quick notification to all the affected households explaining that they need access to their homes in order to re-connect them. It’s hardly rocket science! And no, the number of reported faults do NOT represent the number of faults and BT knows that!

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