Ardentinny BT Outage: Statement from BT Scotland – 16 customers reconnected

We have received the following from Ian Shanks, Head of Scottish Affairs, BT Scotland.

I can only repeat the information I have relayed to Mike Russell. Our network across Scotland suffered considerable damage due to recent adverse weather conditions. We have drafted engineers in from other parts of Scotland and the UK to deal with the very high level of faults. Many of which require fairly major works to be carried out from tree removal to telephone pole replacement. There was a particular problem at Ardentinny in that a main cable joint was destroyed and our engineers are having to trace each cable pair back from the customers premises – obviously a time consuming exercise. A temporary service was provided to some people in the area last week and today a further 16 customers were reconnected. Our engineers will continue to work in the area until all faults have been repaired.

I would like to apologise to the community for the loss of their telephony and the time taken to repair the faults but I can assure you and the wider community that my engineering colleagues are doing all they can to restore service to all premises as quickly as possible.


Ian Shanks
Head of Scottish Affairs
BT Scotland

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