BT Outage: 15 days – No end in sight?

Erecting telephone poles today.

Some 30+ Ardentinny residents and businesses on Wednesday enter their 15th day without fixed line telephone or internet access. BT engineers are continuing to replace telephone poles along the shorefront and move lines from existing poles.

@BTCARE have been in almost daily contact with us re the situation, however they appear pretty much in the dark as to when the work will be completed. Householders on the shore did offer BT the option of temporarily suspending the lines from their trees, but the offer was not taken up.

Looking at current progress, hopefully they could reconnect on Wednesday or Thursday.

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James D.
11 years ago

Truly abysmal service from BT. I have relatives in Ardentinny. For the past fortnight our only means of communication has been by expensive mobile calls. Communication is your business BT, how about communicating to your customers?

11 years ago

It certainly is disgraceful but thanks to for bringing this to the attention of the powers that be and the outside world. Also thanks to Mike Russell for taking on the case.

11 years ago

Absolutely disgraceful situation. Half a month without phone or net! What on earth have BT been playing at? Their help people have been of no use whatsoever.. they haven’t a clue as to what has been happening in Ardentinny. Is this because we are a captive clientel?