Recollections of the 50s…

Primrose Tearoom 1950’s

Along with my husband, I visited Ardentinny in September 2011 with the purpose of walking down Memory Lane to the late 1950s when I had spent many of my childhood holidays there.

It was certainly lovely to see the village looking so orderly and prosperous with such an apparently active and friendly community. The natural beauty remains as wonderful as my recall. Having looked at the notice board, we met briefly with Sandra Davidson in order to buy some 2012 calendars. She was one of several people from whom we learned a bit about life in Ardentinny today but the purpose of this e-mail is to ask if anyone shares our recall of earlier times.

My Aunt and Uncle owned and ran the Primrose Tearooms in Ardentinny in the 1950s. The tearooms are now known as The Heron and the building is a private residence. Leaving our normal London life behind, my Mother, my two sisters and I spent many summer holiday periods in Ardentinny helping Auntie and Uncle with the busy trade – many coaches came from Dunoon stopping at the tearooms to partake of the good Scottish fare! Uncle worked for the Forestry Commission and they lived in one of the FC houses.

I attach (above) a photo of my Aunt and Uncle and of some of the local ladies who worked for them. Can any of your readers recall these times or recognise the people? We three remember the name Jenny Moffat and we think she is sitting back right. My Aunt and Uncle were Agnes and Neil Wareham who hailed from Campbeltown prior to joining the Ardentinny community. Agnes was of Glaswegian origin, my Mother’s older sister, and Neil came from Bute. They had no children. On leaving Ardentinny they had a small grocery store in Glasgow in order to be nearer to siblings but of course all have long since passed on.

We become more nostalgic with passing years! As sisters, our teenage years spanned the 1950s and therefore our memories now fade. Are any of your readers able to help and share with us any recall of the period or information about these people since that time?

We have such happy memories of The Primrose Tearooms and Ardentinny. We were at that time Rosemary, Margaret and Phyllis and my Mother’s name was Mary. Our surname was ‘Day’.

With kind regards,

‘Pippa’ Greenwood

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Marion watson
3 years ago

I met Joe Watson in 1952, he was born in Glen Finnart at Sligrachan House. Used to love the dances in TheHall in Glen Finnart. His family lived at number 11 holding. Many happy memories of Ardentinny. Married joe inDecember 1955.

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