Fireworks frighten horses (and other animals!)

For many people Bonfire Night is an enjoyable evening watching spectacular firework displays and warming themselves by a bonfire, but for horse owners it can be a time of concern and distress.

Fireworks can frighten even the most sensible horse, so all horse owners should be prepared for the firework season. The British Horse Society (BHS) has issued the following advice for owners:
Fireworks must not be set off near livestock or horses in fields or stables
It is best to keep your horse in its normal routine
Risk assess your stable yard and plan to limit disturbance
Ensure you find out if there are any displays planned nearby
Warn local organisers, councils and schools that there are horses in the area
Organise your plans in advance
Remain calm and positive yourself as horses will sense your unease
Keep your horse in a familiar environment
Safety for everyone is the key – do not put yourself in danger
This advice is available as a downloadable poster, along with further information from
The BHS also supports the Blue Cross guidelines on Fireworks and Animals which is available at and in paper format from both the Blue Cross and the BHS.
It is not just horse owners who need to be careful. People organising firework displays should inform local horse owners and it is also a good idea not to let off fireworks anywhere near fields or farms. Most people don’t realise how much suffering fireworks cause animals, particularly horses. Those who really want to have fireworks in their back garden should think carefully about how it will affect local pets and animals before they do so.

By being proactive in planning for fireworks and Bonfire Night, you can make the annual celebrations less stressful for you and your horse.

Useful resources:
SSPCA – Fireworks.
RSPCA – Bang! Fireworks frighten animals.

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11 years ago

I’m just hoping we don’t have a repeat of last year’s upset with loud fireworks being let off in the early hours of the morning of Nov 6th. The law extends the hour after which fireworks should not be let off from 11pm to midnight on Nov 5th. Call me a miserable old git but I’d ask those planning firework displays or parties…please respect the law and those of us who like to get a reasonable night’s sleep.

11 years ago

A very timely reminder for everyone, I think in the village the best place to have your fireworks is on the beach from both a visual and safety point of view. “Them across the water” might even enjoy it too !

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