Fire destroys four caravans

Fire destroyed four caravans at Glenfinart Caravan Park in the early hours of Monday morning (18 April).

Local residents have expressed concern regarding the spate of events at the park over the past months which included a caravan being destroyed by fire in June of last year  and in February of this year armed police raided the site, arresting three people. We understand that the two men and a woman were charged under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

We are awaiting a response from Dunoon police regarding this latest incident.

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Hazel Cartledge
12 years ago

Why do people use false names when making a statement?

Mick Jaguar
12 years ago

I agree with the other comment, I think it is important to find out exactly what is happening here, is this a safe place to bring my family or am I putting them at risk. If there is a drug related vendeta between the site owner and others, it has now become too much of an unknown and risk, I will not becomming back next year, I have made many friends and had a great time but his is all to much, I will be sorry to leave this place. I also feel sorry for the residents of Ardentinny having this on their doorstep.

Mr W Mclean
12 years ago

It really worries me what is going on at this site, it used to be a lovely safe place but who knows what may happen to you if you are there now.

May be you will get a visit from the drug police or you might even get burned alive during the night.

Shocking !!!!!!!!!