Tears in the Glen

Tears in the Glen is the family history of an Australian family who have traced their roots back to Baron McInturner of Craigcoll/Craighoyle, Glenfinart, Ardentinny.

Dedicated to the history of the Turners of Craigcoll/hoyle, their ancestors and their descendants who migrated to Australia in the 1800s. The video tells the story of the family from its beginnings until the 1850s.

Created by Richard Balsillie, the story recounts how Baron McInturner received his Barony from Robert the Bruce and how members of the Campbell clan killed him one night on his way to Whistlefield for his supposed support of the Lamont clan. Remains of the cairn still exist and it is one of Ardentinny Community Council’s ongoing projects to restore it.

Additional images and footage were provided by ardentinny.org. Richard would welcome viewer comments and any additional historic information. A video on the next part of the story, focussing on the Turners of Eaglehawk, Victoria is expected to be published late in 2011.

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Alison Duncan

Hi again Richard – don’t know if you have read my comments or managed to contact Catherine Montgomery yet? Some of the information in your video is incorrect, requires updating! (Think previously there was a printed history – can’t seem to find that now video has returned? ) Catherine has more accurate information about the history and particularly the murder on Larach Hill , also map reference and photos of site of cairn. Another point is that the pronunciation in the video of many of the clan, place and castle names is not correct! I realise that someone raised in… Read more »

Charles Witherow

In the early 80’s, we did bus tours for the new sailors and their families arriving at the Holy Loch. We would regularly stop at the Baron Turner cairn. Several years later I tried to find the cairn again but with no luck. It appeared as though works on the road and roadside areas had destroyed the cairn. Could someone tell me if I had just been looking in the wrong place or has it, in fact, been destroyed. Thanks, Charlie, Queen Street, Dunoon.

Alison Duncan

Hi Again Richard – I now have some more info about the murder of Baron MacIntourner (Gaelic pronunciation of the name – tho not the spelling!) from Catherine Montgomery – but I need to scan it in so I can attach copies, shall get round to that soon. It includes the site of what remains of the cairn marked on an OS map, and a photo of the old man (Duncan Whyte) sitting against the cairn in 1898 (I got date wrong in my previous post). The cairn in the photo is much larger than what now remains. One of… Read more »

Alison Duncan

Hi Richard, Catherine Montgomery of the Strachur Historical Society has information about the site of the murder of Baron McInturner. There is still evidence of a small cairn – if you know where to look! Catherine also has a photo of a car belonging to the farmer from (Corantee – this is incorrect spelling of a Gaelic name meaning corrie of the faeries) on Loch Eckside – he and some friends had stopped to view the cairn a long time ago — 1920s, 30s? I enjoyed the first video — has the second one been posted anywhere? I am particularly… Read more »

kerryn Greenwood,(McArthur)

Hi was saddened to see that this short film has been removed, My mother is Margaret maiden name Bayliss from woodvale who is in the Turrner family is there any way of getting a copy of the film thanking you Kerryn.

Richard Balsillie

While most of the footage was shot by myself, I relied heavily on the support and contrinution of people like David McDowall, John McIntyre, Alan Wallace and others to provide some of the local imagery. To them I am very grateful. David’s broader support is also very much appreciated.

I would be grateful too, to anyone who can pinpoint the location of Baron McInturner’s Cairn and provide a contemporary photo of the site. After makng the video, I uncovered more information about the murder of Baron McInturner. A copy can be seen at the Whistlefield Inn.

Richard Balsillie
Melbourne, Australia

John McIntyre

I also put images into Richard’s video the ones of Old Craigholyle House and the old one of the same which I got from Allan Wallace who very kindly sent it to me.

John McIntyre.