Scottish seal cull will see killing of 1,300 pregnant seals

We are indebted to our friends at ForArgyll for bringing to our notice the Scottish Government licencing of a seal cull which will see the unnecessary shooting of some 1,300 pregnant seals. Read the full story here.

What you can do
Write to your local MSP here. A useful text template is available here.

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Ugly Truth
11 years ago

I like seeing seals to, delightful creatures, but how many do you want to see. Rabbets are charming animals to, but after the war we had food rationing, even bread was rationed at one time. We had a plague of Rabbets, they eat 5% of our cereals or a slice from every loaf. Farmers shot as many as they could, no one objected because they where protecting their livelihood. There was even a popular song, “Run Rabbet, run Rabbet run run run. here comes the farmer with his gun gun gun”. Then they deliberately introduced myximatosis, it gave infected rabbets a slow lingering death but kept their numbers in check. I can see no difference between a farmer protecting his crop from rabbets or a fisherman protecting his fish.

Ugly Truth
11 years ago

Just like to point out to Mike Carter the IUCN think that there are about 300,000 grey seals so the UK has about 10% of the worlds population not 40%.

12 years ago

I live in the Shetland Islands and delight in seeing seals thriving around our shores, thank you for drawing attention to this….WHY do it???

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