Long hut demolished

It took just one man and a large digger only a couple of hours to demolish a 70+ year-old piece of history which was the last remaining corrugated long hut at the former HMS Armadillo, Glenfinart Bay, Ardentinny. Work clearing the site will probably continue until the end of the week. See our live stream of the demolition here.

The site early this evening
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John (Blairmore)
12 years ago

Shame on the person who made the decision to destroy this piece of local history.
He/she appears to have absolutely no respect for the heritage of this country.

12 years ago

Another example,if we really need it of the FCS and their contempt for the communities in which they operate.They presided over the deriliction of the walled garden, a listed structure and have now wiped out the last reminder of the original working community.The representative from the FCS did’nt think it was important enough to mention the subject at the last CC meeting, she will have some explaining to do at the next CCmeeting if she has the gall to show her face, and lastly where were the NP when this was going on?

12 years ago

Absolute disgrace! Clearly FCS wanted rid of this ‘liability’ as quickly and as quietly as possible. Thank God the community is working to save the walled garden or it would most likely suffer the same fate. Thank you ardentinny.org for the excellent coverage. FCS, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Geoff B
12 years ago

As I understand it the Forestry Commission never put the building up for sale and it was unfortunately not a listed building, therefore I suppose it was up to them as to what they did with it 🙁

12 years ago

Couldn’t agree more, so sad to see part of our heritage being demolished in such a cold, calculated, senseless manner. The hut wasn’t an eyesore, had been well maintained, had all facilities and I’m certain could have been adopted by the Community and put to excellant use. A tragic waste.

12 years ago

What a waste! Why could this building not have been put to community use (like the Burgh Hall in Dunoon)? For an old building, it was in excellent condition. Where was the community council on this? Were they aware that it was going to come down. Ardentinny has lost another part of its history. The Forestry should be ashamed of themselves!

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