Ardentinny Community Council Meets

Ardentinny Community Council met on 2 February, 2011 for the first time since October 2010, due to the postponement and then cancellation of the December meeting, as a result of the severe winter weather. As to be expected to cover such a long period, there was a very full and varied agenda. The first point of which was the approval of past minutes. In October, the committee had not approved the minutes of the August meeting which have since been re-written and approved. The October minutes were also approved.

Missing Boat & Fireworks
Police Inspector Armstrong introduced PC Donald McKay who is Ardentinny’s new liaison officer and who will in future attend CC meetings and/or submit regular reports. Inspector Armstrong informed the meeting that a boat had been reported missing from Ardentinny slipway. He also reported on an incident involving a firework display at Hogmanay. He said that the fireworks had been let off within the legal timetable for New Year but the issue was that they had landed in a field of grazing horses.  He also said he felt sure that they were not deliberately aimed in that direction but that in the future there needs to be liaison in order to avoid a repetition and that his advice was that fireworks should not be directed in to an area where there are animals This subject was also later covered in greater depth under all other competent business (AOCB).

Secretary Resignation and Treasurer’s Report
It was announced that Elaine Allan had resigned as Secretary and the Treasurer reported a bank balance of £1,869.54

Roads Condition and Sunday Bus Service
Councillor Bruce Marshall reported on the patching of the roads and stated that he thought tenders to repair the sea wall and road have probably just gone out and therefore works would be likely to start mid-February and may cause limited disruption for a short period. He also reported that the Sunday Ardentinny bus service will be halved.
One Community Councillor asked about and stated the need for a snow gate or ‘road closed’ signage over the Larach when gritters could not get further than Sligrachan.

Strone School
It was agreed that Ardentinny Community Council would write a letter of support to the Chair of the Parent Council of Strone School, protesting its potential closure.

Other Topics Discussed
Other topics raised were the question of when Ardentinny Public Toilets would re-open; the mounting of a campaign through the Association of Community Councils to protest the possible privatisation of the Royal Mail; the replacement of the horse sign; the suggestion that the Community Council notes the existence of Argyll First Political Party; and the tarring of the road to the beach path by the Forestry Commission.

Elaine Allan and Bill Bincham outlined the fear and panic caused to their horses during the New Year firework display at a nearby hotel. They also described the number of spent rockets and their associated detritus found in their field which could have potentially caused/cause further harm to their and other people’s livestock.  Elaine said that, as someone who knows about horses, she also recognises the fact that there are others who don’t and that she was willing to help in awareness-raising of the dangers regarding this issue.  She also thanked Inspector Armstrong for asking that fireworks be set off responsibly and with consideration of others. She stated that the lack of response to her concerns had led to her resignation as secretary. There was much discussion about the responsible use of fireworks vis a vis animal (and human) welfare and it was agreed that the Community Council would request a visit from a Community Safety officer to address them and the general public on the relevant issues.

Village Notice Board
The Chair requested that those posting notices on the village notice board should also post their name and an expiry date for each notice.

Emergency Community Help
It was requested that, given the recent bad weather, the issue of emergency community assistance for the more vulnerable in the village should be added to the agenda for discussion at the next Community Council meeting which will take place on Tuesday 5th April, 2011.

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