Ardentinny Community Council meeting cancelled

The postponed Community Council meeting re-scheduled for Tuesday the 21st December has now been cancelled due to weather conditions. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st February.

The last Community Council Minutes posted on this site are of the CC meeting of 1st June 2010. This is because, as far as we are aware, the Minutes of the August and October meetings have not yet been published.

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Tim and Kathryn

Thank you very much for the information. It is looking very much like we may not be able to travel up this week due to the weather conditions at all the various places on the way up. Currently -11 in Sussex and all the radio stations are advising not to travel due to more expected snow.. Really sad as we were looking forward to Christmas by the Loch.

We are hoping to move the trip to February where hopefully it will have all cleared up!

Thanks once more

Tim and Kathryn

Tim and Kathryn

I see that on your blog that your meeting scheduled for 21st Dec has been cancelled due to weather. We are planning on coming up to stay in a cottage on 23rd for a week, but from the recent updates on the blog it would appear that the weather in Adentinny may be very bad. As we are coming up from sussex, would you advise against that?

Thanks, Tim and Kathryn