Ardentinny looks to long-term future for the Walled Garden

Claire Hannah of HIE with Dennis Gower, Ardentinny Community Trust Convenor

Last week, members of Ardentinny Community Trust’s Walled Garden committee attended a seminar entitled ‘Maximising your Profits – Making Money from Events and Festivals’ It was organised by Craignish Community Company and the Community Assets unit of Highlands and Islands Enterprise and held in Craignish Village Hall in Ardfern, with the purpose of exploring how community groups can reduce their reliance on grants and make money from organising arts events and festivals. As Ardentinny and Cowal, in general, have a plethora of artists, in a variety of genres on their doorstep and, as many of them have already been active in their support of the Walled Garden project, it seemed appropriate that it be represented.

35 delegates attended and topics ranged from ‘Inspirational Stories’ with examples from the Enchanted Forest events programme and the Lochshiel Spring Festival; official input from Argyll and Bute Council on the logistics and legalities of event management; and how to market events locally and to the wider world. On Day 2 a ‘Community Cafe’ comprising four rounds of interactive discussion on Marketing; Income Generation and Sponsorship; Setting up Systems; and Social Enterprise provided an abundance of ideas and advice as all delegates got the chance to share their experience. This was also an excellent opportunity for networking and potentially forging long-lasting, collaborative relationships.

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David Stallard
12 years ago

F.A.O. Dennis Gower
Hello, Dennis
I was pleasantly surprised to see your name and photo in a Rural Network newsletter I get via a voluntary organisation I’m involved with. Congratulations on your award which looks very well earned. I presume you’re living somewhere near the Project now. Very handy for some good walking, I’m sure.
I hope you’re keeping well. You look well in the photo.
It is more than half a lifetime since I did that bit of work with you in Alloa (first half of 1975) but it’s still a vivid memory of all you were doing and encouraging there.
I took an early retirement deal from Highland Council over 8 years ago now. I live on the Black Isle. I do some work for the Open University and am involved with two voluntary organisations. One’s a befriending organisation for people with mental illness and the other is a community for people with a learning disability. Less money but a lot less stressful! The managerial culture in Social Work got harder and harder to live with. I wasn’t sorry to leave it.
It looks as though you’re heavily involved in community life which is very unsurprising. I do wish you well. Regards. David Stallard

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