Ardentinny blaze destroys caravan

The remains of the caravan.

Fire engulfed a mobile home at Glenfinart Caravan Park early on Friday morning. The caravan which we understand was recently up for sale, was completely destroyed.  One local resident said “I was awoken at around 1.30am on Friday morning by a bright light outside the window, I immediately phoned the emergency services, however the fire service had already been alerted. It really looked a ferocious blaze”.

Police were unable to comment.

Thursday morning's blaze could be seen from Ardentinny.
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11 years ago

The house beside the caravan wasn’t affected that badly by the fire. Not even a small portion of its wall was burned. If you only had a chance to stop the fire at that time, you would have been able to save your business. Man, I’m sorry for your loss.

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