Community Council meeting

Ardentinny’s Community Council meeting on Tuesday, 1st June covered a wide range of issues from updates on the roads, the caravan park, the potential community purchase of the walled garden; the National Park’s housing development proposals and the proposed forestry road in to Midge Lane to reports on the Carrick Castle walk and reception by Lochgoilhead Community Council and the work that resident Fraser Harding is and will be doing with Strone School on heightening awareness re the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Gordon Donaldson of the Forestry Commission arrived to give the presentation that Stuart Chalmers did not manage to give at the previous meeting. However, the Community Council were unaware that he was coming and so, given the already long agenda and the fact that it had not been publicised, this was postponed till the next meeting which will take place on Tuesday 3rd August.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted here in due course.

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