A community opportunity for Ardentinny?

In response to the Forestry Commission’s advertisement regarding the possible sale of  ‘Ardentinny Walled Garden’ in last week’s issue of the Dunoon Observer, Ardentinny.org contacted the Commission for further information.

The Commission’s officer, Ronnie Lee. advised that, as a government department, the first step was to inform and alert local community groups, such as community councils, who may wish to express an interest in the purchase before it goes on the open market. He said that communities had a period of 28 days, from the publication of the advertisement, to send a formal written expression of interest to the Commission with a view to entering into further discussion. If no formal expressions of interest have been received from community bodies within those 28 days, the property can then go on the open market.

Mr. Lee agreed that this information could also be made public on ardentinny.org and kindly sent us a copy of the plans (download available below) and the information booklet entitled National Forest Land Scheme which can be downloaded from the Forestry Commission website.

Ardentinny.org has written to the Convener of the Community Council, and copied to all its members, requesting that this be included in the agenda of their AGM on 6th April and that they elicit the views of the community on this potentially exciting opportunity for Ardentinny before it is lost.

Download location plan  (pdf 428kb)

Download National Forest Land Scheme (pdf 1.51mb)

The Walled Garden, Ardentinny.



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