Your Feedback on the Public Meeting with National Park Authority


29 of the 50 attendees at the Public Meeting, held in Ardentinny on 26th January, completed feedback forms which were provided by The Community Council. The results are as follows:

Question 1. Were you given sufficient information to understand the planning issue and its possible impact on the village in order to attend and take part in this meeting?
26 responded Yes
3 responded No

Question 2. Did you consider the Community Council and Working Group conducted an equal and fair meeting, allowing important points to be raised and answered?
28 responded Yes
1 responded Don’t know

Question 3. Did you consider the National Park statements satisfactory or inadequate?
4 responded Satisfactory
25 responded Inadequate

Question 4. Do you wish the Community Council and Working Group to continue to monitor this planning issue?
29 responded Yes

Further comments were also invited and those submitted were:
– The representatives of the National Park seem to know little about the area.
– Further clarification for criteria required for ‘Social Housing’
– How are Housing Associations selected for the development?
– No information on the environmental impact.
– Good meeting re-affirming a substantial majority against the proposed housing.
– Thin end of the wedge – 10 houses initially, then what? Not convinced of sincerity of NP to take into consideration feelings of the majority present.
– Disappointed that the elected National Park Councillor does not feel he has to support the overwhelming view of the meeting.
– Very pleased with the way the meeting was conducted.
– Majority at meeting voted NO to new houses in Ardentinny.
– I think there were some questions that revealed a lack of democracy and real consultation and concern for local communities and their sustainability and health.

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