Historic tug comes to rest in rocky inlet

HMRT Golden Cross is tonight lodged on sand in an inlet near Shepherds Point, Ardentinny, Argyll. The 58 year-old vessel, which broke its mooring in high winds early this morning, drifted off a sandbank near Sandy Beach at high tide.  She is now in relatively calm waters along the rocky shoreline. At dusk tonight, MOD Police boarded the vessel and appear to have secured her to the shore, possibly to enable her to be pulled off at the next high tide. Also in attendance was SERCO tug SD Resourceful.

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Golden Cross: Unanswered questions

Related to the Golden Cross mooring incident reported earlier this week, we received the following email for publication from Mr. D. Symon which is reproduced here with his permission.

Just a short note to let people know the facts about the mooring of the Golden Cross. The tug did not break or wear through her mooring chains. After consultation with an expert (of) 30 years experience the mooring had been tampered with. The Queens Harbour Master had inspected the mooring when it was laid and he was happy with it. So myself and other parties involved along with a mooring expert have come to the conclusion that one or more persons tampered with the mooring. We thank ardentinny.org for their unbiased report.

D. Symon.

Personnel from Clyde Admiralty pilot boat SD Clyde Racer photograph the mooring earlier today.


Reunited with her buoy

After some thirty six hours marooned on a LochLong sandbank and with a little help from the Ben-Crom, the Golden Cross was finally reunited with her mooring early this afternoon. More photographs and video of the operation to follow.


Loch Long webcam catches runaway tug

As the tugboat Golden Cross remains stuck on an Ardentinny sandbank this morning, video has emerged of the vessel drifting from its mooring early on Monday morning. The clip from the LochLongCam.com webcam shows the vessel passing the beach opposite the Outdoor Centre at 5.41am.


MoD Police to the rescue

In what appears to be the first rescue of the sailing season in our area, the MoD Police launch from Coulport assisted by an RIB craft this afternoon arrived at the Ardentinny moorings with a motor cruiser under tow.  A short while later the cruiser’s engine was restarted and the boat headed down the Loch. More pictures at LochLongCam.com.


Tall Ships depart from Greenock

The Tall Ships Race competitors leave Greenock on Tuesday 12 July. Filmed from Strone.

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