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The following was posted on Ardentinny village notice board.



Coulport Blasts: Residents demand public meeting with MoD


At a lively Community Council meeting on Tuesday, Ardentinny residents demanded that MoD representatives attend a public meeting in the village within the next four weeks. The demands come after a week of violent explosions which emanated from nearby RNAD Coulport. Whilst the MoD later apologised to the community, villagers are unhappy with the lack of advance warning or explanation for detonating such large explosions within the nuclear base. Late last week a national newspaper reported that an MoD spokesperson described the blasts as “part of training for staff at RNAD Coulport”.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Convener Val Kennedy referred to previous Community Council discussions regarding the lack of radiation surveys undertaken recently in the waters around Ardentinny. She quoted a statement received from RNAD Coulport “Marine environmental radiation surveys are carried out around all submarine bases and the reports are put together by the Defence Scientific and Technical Laboratories and are published. The SEPA website gives more data on their inspections of Coulport amongst others”.

Community Councillor Bill Williamson asked the Convener how she had received this information and was told that it was the content of an MoD email. Councillor Williamson responded that he was not aware of this information being circulated to Community Council members and requested that he receive a copy. The Councillor went on to summarise a report in a recent Herald article on a plan to discharge more radioactive waste into the Clyde.

“As someone living across from Coulport, I think this is a major topic for discussion in this community. On top of this we have these ridiculous explosions which we have all experienced during the week”. The Councillor added that, at his request, the Community Council had requested an MoD representative to attend Tuesday’s meeting. The Convener responded that the reply received from RNAD Coulport was that the notice given was too short.

Convener Kennedy said that Councillor Williamson’s request to have an MoD representative at meetings was not based on a precedent, as he had asserted. However, representatives from the Property Services Agency did attend a series of “community information and reassurance” meetings on behalf of the MoD in February 1989 during the construction of the base at Coulport. Councillor Williamson said that he still considered that there was a precedent for the MoD attending meetings and that they should be doing so on a regular basis.

Councillor Dennis Gower also drew attention to the recently reported radiation leak at the nuclear submarine test reactor at Dounreay which has taken two years to be revealed by the MoD. “With this type of concern, we should be increasing our concerns about activities at Coulport”. He continued, “There have been reports of accidents at Coulport and we do not appear to have responded to these”. The Convener replied that the Community Council had responded by email regarding the recent ‘bangs’, the lack of advance warning of ‘the exercises’ and radiation surveys.

Councillor Williamson reiterated his request to the chair that all Community Councillors should be copied in to all correspondence with the MoD. He continued that he had sent an invitation to the MoD some 18 months ago to attend a Community Council meeting. The Convener responded that Coulport had taken exception to the tone of his letter and that she had retrieved the situation and would now be the communicator or ‘conduit’ (with Coulport), Councillor Gower said that the matter of Coulport taking exception to a letter from another Councillor was of little importance compared to the leakage of radioactive waste.

Later in the meeting Councillor Williamson repeated his request that he be included in all email communication with the MoD. The Convener replied that she would pass on any emails that Coulport permitted. Some indignation at this was expressed from the floor. Argyll Councillor Gordon Blair interjected “It’s sensible to have one person deal with the MoD, and to disseminate the information you get from the MoD. I can assure you that the MoD will not send you anything that cannot be shared”.

Councillor Marshall said “that all the convener was doing was retaining contact as the conduit and if she is asked to share this information you (may) lose the conduit”. The Convener later added “They (the MoD) have said that the information which contains contact information should not be shared”. It was suggested from the floor that the information could easily be shared by redacting the contact data.

On the severity of the recent blasts a resident said that these were not bangs, but explosions. The Convener responded that “the information she had been given (by the MoD) was that it was a training exercise and they had failed to inform us, but they did apologise and promised to inform us in the future.

Another long-time Ardentinny resident said that during the construction of Coulport, the authorities used to put a notice up in the village warning residents of any blasts taking place and advising them not to swim or eat the shellfish. The resident continued “We get nothing now. We used to have a building on the edge of the beach which recorded sound, it’s no longer there”.

“As a Community Council representing our community, we would like you to ask questions of the MoD. It’s about time we had answers from them. They have been bad neighbours, we’re only asking for them to consider the facts. Sweeping it under the carpet is not going to make it go away”

Argyll & Bute Councillors Blair and Marshall offered to write to RNAD Coulport to request a public meeting with MoD representatives, however the Convener was emphatic that she would issue the invitation. Councillor Marshall also said he had already written to the Ministry of Defence asking that this does not happen again.

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Coulport blasts: Argyll MP Alan Reid writes to Defence Secretary has today received an email from Argyll MP Alan Reid regarding the Coulport blasts. Mr. Reid has stated that “The MoD are supposed to inform the public of exercises in advance”. He has written to the Defence Secretary and will let us know his response.


Coulport blasts: MSP letter to UK Defence Minister


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Argyll MSP Michael Russell has written to UK Defence Minister Philip Hammond regarding last week’s explosions at Coulport. With permission, we are publishing the letter in full here.


Argyll MSP writes to Philip Hammond over Coulport blasts.

In a scathing attack on the MoD reported in today’s Sunday Herald, Argyll MSP Michael Russell said “Coulport has been a bad neighbour and it needs to apologise and mend its ways. Many residents were very worried by the blasts which were at times intense enough to shake houses. The fact that no warning was given and that there has still been no adequate explanation makes the situation even worse – and there is a fear that explosions may start again at any time.” Mr Russell has also written to UK defence secretary Philip Hammond.

3 of the horses from Dun Daraich Stables, Glenfinart

Terrifying experience: Three of the five horses from Dun Daraich Stables, Glenfinart who on Thursday panicked during one of the blasts, pinning someone against a wall.

No prior notice of  ‘the exercises’ resulting in the explosions which rocked Ardentinny last week was given to residents. In today’s newspaper report, the MoD apologised to the community and pointed out that the exercise took place in a “remote area”. This “remote area” was in fact directly opposite Ardentinny shore and the explosions could clearly be seen, heard and felt from the village. The MoD spokesperson added “We will ensure advance warning is given for any future training.”

Ardentinny Community Council’s bi-monthly meeting takes place on Tuesday 1 April at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. “MoD Coulport” is on the agenda. All are welcome.

Sunday Herald: MoD apologises after terrorising nuclear base village with series of bomb blasts.
Rob Edwards: Blasts at nuclear bomb plant made us feel we were in a war zone, say villagers.



Nine Blasts today at Coulport

Loud blasts continued to shake Ardentinny today from the exercises taking place at RNAD Coulport. The nine explosions, which varied in intensity, began at 12.15hrs and concluded at 16.52hrs. Some of the blasts could be heard some 4+ miles away from Coulport, on the Whistlefield road (the Larach).


The final explosion early this evening


Possible exercises today at RNAD Coulport

We have received the following statement from HMNB Clyde, Helensburgh.

Royal Marines and Ministry of Defence Police are undertaking planned exercises in a redundant area of RNAD Coulport and carry no risk to the local community or military personnel. The exercises may result in intermittent explosive noise but there is no risk to the public.

HMNB Clyde has also informed us “that further exercises may take place today between 11.45 and 16.45hrs, and there is also the possibility of further exercises taking place either next Tuesday (1 April) or Wednesday (2 April). This is to be confirmed”. They also confirmed that, as Community Council Convener Val Kennedy has offered to be a conduit between the MOD and the community, including,  that they will liaise with her in future if they are issuing any pre-emptive information about RNAD Coulport activity.


Ardentinny shaken by more Coulport blasts

[Update 16.30:  An MOD spokesperson has just informed us that his colleagues in Coulport have confirmed that the exercises have stopped for this week but there is a possibility that they may continue next Tuesday or Wednesday.]

[Update: 16.15: So far today five loud blasts have been heard from Coulport. Police Scotland have said they are aware of exercises taking place at Coulport and any complaints should be made to the MOD.]

The peaceful village of Ardentinny continued to be shaken today by huge blasts from Coulport. With four blasts on Monday, two blasts were heard yesterday (Tuesday) and a further two today.

An MOD spokesperson said “We apologise if any alarm was caused and that there was nothing to worry about and that the MOD are undertaking exercises which involve the setting off of charges and that these should be completed by this Friday”.

We understand that a local resident has made a formal complaint to the Police in this regard.


Mysterious Coulport bangs explained

This afternoon villagers may have heard a series of loud bangs emanating from the direction of Coulport. On enquiring with the MOD Press Office, a spokesperson told that there was nothing to worry about and that Coulport had confirmed it was testing security which involved the setting off of some things like pyrotechnics.


HMS Dauntless passes Coulport earlier today


Labour and Tories under fire for inflating Trident job losses

Labour and the Conservatives have been accused of misleading the public by exaggerating the number of jobs that would be lost if the Trident nuclear weapons system were removed from the Clyde. Figures released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) under freedom of information law reveal that only 520 civilian jobs at Faslane and Coulport near Helensburgh are directly dependent on Trident. This contrasts with the 6000-11,000 jobs that pro-Trident politicians claim are at risk. Read full story at The Herald.

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