Correspondence 27/11/09 & 22/1/10

22/1/10:  Public meeting (26/1/10) announcement and correspondence between Park Authority and Working Group.

27/11/09: Correspondence between Park Authority and Working Group.


Consultation Visit to National Park Headquarters

Working Group members at Balloch HQ

Members of Ardentinny Community Council and the Proposed Housing Development Working Group visited Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park HQ on Friday 15th January. There, they were able to study the Park’s consultation documents regarding the proposed affordable housing development south of Lochview in Ardentinny. This provided useful information which has since been fed back to the community, with a view to better informing them prior to the Public Meeting with representatives of the Park Authority which was held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 26th January.

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