National Park Elections

Ardentinny residents, and therefore residents of the The Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, will have received information on the Park’s upcoming election of new Board members. Candidates need not live within the Park but must be aged 21 or over and have the support of 10 people eligible to vote within the Ward they are standing.
If you are interested in standing as a candidate to become one of five locally-elected members, download a nomination pack from or pick one up from Argyll and Bute Council, Customer Services, 22 Hill Street Dunoon from 10 May 2018. Completed nomination packs should be returned to the Park by 4 p.m. on 31 May 2018.

In the event that more than one candidate stands in your Ward an election by postal ballot will take place. Ballot papers should arrive on or around 14 June and should be returned by post by 4 p.m. 5 July 2018.

Local Development Plan Deadline for Representations


Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park is currently accepting representations (formal comment) on its proposed local development plan, with a deadline of 29 June 2015. The documents are available on the Park’s consultation website; in local libraries and at their offices in Callander and Balloch.

Your comments should state what changes you would like made and why; or whether you support a particular policy or site. These can be submitted online at the aforementioned site; by email; or by post to National Park Headquarters, Carrochan, Carrochan Road, Balloch, G83 8EG. Further information is available by calling 01389 722600 or emailing:


Community feedback sought on Park Development Plan

Sandy Beach, Glenfinart Bay - an opportunity?

Sandy Beach, Glenfinart Bay – an opportunity?

Last week, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park board member, David McKenzie , provided residents with details of the recently published “LIVE Park – Main Issues Report”.

“LIVE Park” is the name for the National Park’s next Local Development Plan. The report focuses on how planning can improve the National Park as a place in which to live, invest, or to visit.

With regard to Ardentinny, the report summarises the following issues: limited employment opportunities; local roads’condition/capacity; and the room for improvement of these roads.

Regarding”Opportunities” in the village, the preferred options are to continue to support appropriate small gap site housing development; support improvements to footpaths and cycle path connections to the wider Cowal area and Argyll Forest park, as well as improvements in  street lighting and visitor signage.

At last week’s Community Council meeting, one resident pointed out that, as Ardentinny has the only beach in the National Park, this resource should also be highlighted as an opportunity.

The National Park is encouraging all residents to comment on the proposals. These must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. on Monday 7 July, 2014. Feedback can be submitted by online form;  the ‘online development planning system’; post; in person at a LIVE Park event; or by telephone. Full details are available here.

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Download Main Issues report


Historic Kilmun Visitors’ Centre opens 12 February

National Park board member David McKenzie gave a brief update on the Historic Kilmun project (formerly Kilmun Mausoleum) at the February Ardentinny Community Council meeting. The new visitors’ centre opens on 12 February for 3 days a week during the winter and 6 days in the summer. It is hoped that the centre will attract some 6,000+ visitors in its first year.

The gravestone at Kilmun of a former Ardentinny postmaster Matthew Gardener.

The gravestone at Kilmun of a former Ardentinny postmaster Matthew Gardener.

Blairmore Village Trust are also pushing ahead with their plans to purchase Blairmore Village Green as a community facility. Indications are positive that the project will go ahead for a wild flower garden and additional parking.



15-lodge holiday complex planned for Ardentinny

A planning application for the construction of 15 two and three-bedroom holiday lodges at Barnacabber Farm, Ardentinny has been submitted to Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

The application which includes 15 high quality homes with en-suite bathrooms, saunas, barbecue huts and hot tubs would be sited near the existing deer farm. The proposed complex also includes a reception building, shop and 39 parking places.

The planning Application can be viewed in full here and comments submitted here.


Proposed site

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Draft summary report issued on Ardentinny consultation

The National Park Authority has issued its draft summary report on the recent Ardentinny consultation event. You can download the report here. The Park would also like feedback from those who attended the event. The survey is available here.

You can also view the National Park Authority’s blog at to leave any comments you have regarding the National Park’s Local Development Plan and its progress.


Planning Ardentinny’s Future

Nat Park at the hall 001-1As part of its remit to produce a Local Development Plan which will update its current Local Plan 2010-2015, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Planning Team hosted a village consultation event in Ardentinny. Residents were invited to discuss local needs and wants with Planning staff and to note them on village maps on tables around the Hall.

Approximately 25 residents attended and comments and suggestions were several and varied. A common theme was that there was no need for more housing due to lack of accessibility and amenities. However there was a suggestion that there was a need for Sheltered Housing and more self-catering provision for which there were arguments both for and against. Other suggestions were road improvements; upgrading the shore path; better signage for walkers; the need for a shop; enforcement of no camping at the beach area; moving the settlement boundary; and replacing the telephone box with a traditional red one. One other idea, which is being actively researched by a member of the Community Council, is the provision of a centrally-located cardiac defibrillator.


Planning Applications – Ardentinny

Erection of access ramp to dwellinghouse Outdoor Centre Bungalow 2 Ardentinny Dunoon Argyll And Bute PA23 8TR
Ref. No: 2012/0313/DET | Received: Mon 15 Oct 2012 | Validated: Fri 02 Nov 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

Erection of extensions and formation of decked area to dwellinghouse
Holyns Ardentinny Dunoon Argyll And Bute PA23 8TR
Ref. No: 2012/0244/HAE | Received: Mon 20 Aug 2012 | Validated: Mon 20 Aug 2012 | Status: Approve

Erection of public toilet block
Ardentinny Public Toilets North East Of Ardentinny Bowling Club Ardentinny Dunoon PA23 8TS
Ref. No: 2012/0200/DET | Received: Fri 29 Jun 2012 | Validated: Mon 03 Sep 2012 | Status: Approve

Erection of extension and alterations to former hotel to form bar/restaurant, dwellinghouse, staff accommodation unit and holiday let accommodation including painting of window surrounds
Ardentinny Hotel Ardentinny Dunoon PA23 8TR.
Ref. No: 2012/0143/LBC | Received: Tue 15 May 2012 | Validated: Fri 01 Jun 2012 | Status: Approve


Ardentinny, Affordable Housing and the National Park’s Local Plan

Ardentinny residents who have asked the Park Authority to be kept up to date regarding Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park’s Local Plan will probably have received a ‘Local Plan Delivery Update – July 2012‘. This includes information on Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance Consultations (consultation date 20 August – 1 October) of which two refer to Callander and the third deals with Housing Development (including Affordable Housing).

In the Park’s ‘Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance Housing Development’ Document (Draft Housing Development in the Park SPG) 5.1 Policy HOUS1: New Housing Development in Settlements, Table 1 sets out the requirements for each settlement with the affordable housing requirement for Ardentinny being listed as 25%.

In order to try and clarify what this means we spoke to Stuart Mearns, Forward Planning Officer for the Park, and posed the following questions:

First we asked what the 25% referred to. Stuart explained that this is the target figure of affordable housing to be included in any housing development exceeding 4 units. He also said that this concurs with the Scottish Government’s benchmark for affordable housing within developments.

We then asked how the percentages of affordable housing requirement for each settlement were arrived at and were told that results of the Argyll and Bute Local Housing Strategy Consultation fed into these decisions.

Finally we asked if any developer has recently applied to build in Ardentinny and Stuart said he was not aware of any applications at the moment other than the Planning Application regarding the refurbishment of Ardentinny Hotel. He added that all submitted applications appear on their website.

If you have any further questions you would like answered, you can contact the Forward Planning team at the National Park Headquarters, Carrochan, Carrochan Road, Balloch, G83 8EG. Telephone 01389 722600, Email:


Have your say – Draft National Park Plan 2012-2017

Ardentinny residents recognised the importance of familiarising themselves with and having their say on the last Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park Plan and may wish to take note of what The Park has planned in its Draft Plan for 2012-2017. The public consultation period runs from 25 August to 16 November 2011 and the Draft Plan can be downloaded here (PDF 5.4mb).

Responses can be made by completing their online form or by sending handwritten responses posted to National Park Headquarters in Balloch.

The Park also offers to visit communities or groups to discuss the issues raised in the plan to help with responses and, if you have difficulty accessing any of their consultation documents, you should contact or telephone 01389 722600.

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