Osprey spotted over Loch Long

Bowlers at Ardentinny Bowling Club were entertained earlier this week with the sight of a diving Osprey over Loch Long.

Fortunately Cowal visitor Cliff Carson (who was on the look-out for otters in the area) had his camera on hand and captured these excellent images of the osprey swoop. However, the dive was unsuccessful with the bird failing to catch its underwater prey.

If anyone is aware of any otter sightings in the Ardentinny area, please let us know and we will pass it on to Cliff.


The Osprey dive


Completely submerged


Departs upstream empty-clawed


Images courtesy Cliff Carson.


Warning to dog owners of poisonous plant on Ardentinny beach (updated)


We’ve received a report of a very poisonous plant which has appeared along the high tide mark on Ardentinny Beach (between Coronation Wood and River Finart estuary). The plant is starting to root in the vegetation. A labrador was reportedly sick from eating the plant last Sunday.

We understand that the plant is poisonous to dogs and humans. It smells and tastes like parsnips. If anyone can identify the plant from the photograph, please let us know.

Please take care when walking your dogs in the beach area.

Update 28 Jan, 23.36: We’ve been informed that the plant is Hemlock Water Dropwort, thought to be the deadliest plant in Britain. A dog in Helensburgh who ate the plant last January died within 20 minutes.

More information:
Poisonous plant warning to dog owners [Scottish Farmer]


Video: Northern Bottlenose Whale in Loch Long

[Updated 4 Sept. 2012]
The following is a clip from the LochLongCam.com webcam filmed on Tuesday 28 August, 2012 off Coulport.

As requested by several of our visitors, we have posted below the full sequence of still images of the whale. 

[Update 3 Sept. 18.30] The Ardentinny.org photograph offers a complete picture  and The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) have identified this one as a Northern Bottlenose whale. More at ForArgyll.com.

[Update 3 Sept.] One contributor in our Facebook page thinks it’s a Northern Bottlenose Whale. Our money’s on this suggestion!

With reports in the last few days of a Minke Whale being spotted in Loch Long at Ardmay. Is this photograph (taken this afternoon) of a porpoise or Minke Whale? Answers below please or on our new Facebook page.