Video: Northern Bottlenose Whale in Loch Long

[Updated 4 Sept. 2012]
The following is a clip from the webcam filmed on Tuesday 28 August, 2012 off Coulport.

As requested by several of our visitors, we have posted below the full sequence of still images of the whale. [nggallery id=30]

[Update 3 Sept. 18.30] The photograph offers a complete picture  and The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) have identified this one as a Northern Bottlenose whale. More at

[Update 3 Sept.] One contributor in our Facebook page thinks it’s a Northern Bottlenose Whale. Our money’s on this suggestion!

With reports in the last few days of a Minke Whale being spotted in Loch Long at Ardmay. Is this photograph (taken this afternoon) of a porpoise or Minke Whale? Answers below please or on our new Facebook page.



Swan Loch


Spring has sprung!

One of several groups of toads near the nursery field earlier today


Michael Russell MSP visits Glenfinart Walled Garden

We hope to to publish a full report on Monday’s visit by Mike Russell to the Glenfinart Walled Garden shortly.  Meanwhile you can read his Blipfoto report here.


Injured eider duck found on Ardentinny beach

This beautiful eider duck was found earlier this evening on Ardentinny beach. He appears to have sustained an injury on his breast. At this moment we’re unsure as to the reason for the injury. He appeared unable to fly and made no attempt to escape. He’s now bedded down for the night in’s hen run. We’ll get him to the vet first thing in the morning. Watch for updates later on Monday.

Update 17 Oct. 2011: Sadly the eider duck died overnight. On closer examination this morning, he appeared to have a large wound (see photograph) possibly caused by a fishing hook.














Bling on the beach (updated)

Some of the fascinating discoveries from Ardentinny beach

Residents of Ardentinny have long been aware that the village is indeed the jewel in the crown of the Cowal peninsula. However, last week, we were fortunate to meet up with a gentleman seeking out other types of treasures. Complete with metal detector and ever-patient dog ‘Misty’, Wales-based Roger Howell is a regular visitor to our shores in search of long lost hidden treasures.

Roger used to work in the area and is therefore familiar with its rich history. A keen metal detectorist, during his couple of days on Ardentinny beach, Roger came across several interesting finds including two toy brass soldiers (one headless, the other with a single leg) most likely from the turn of the 19th century, a tiny Beatrix Potter-type brass rabbit, a peuter napkin ring and a couple of Minié Balls (bullets) most likely from the 1800’s.

Roger, hard at work with his trusty 'Misty'

Roger was particularly surprised by the quantity of lead material he uncovered. However, given Ardentinny’s history as a fishing village, these were most likely used as weights on fishing nets.

One of the excellent environmental side effects of these keen metal hunters is that any “scrap” metal unearthed such as ring-pulls and broken bottle tops are collected and either recycled or deposited in a litter bin. The rubbish is never returned to the beach.

Some metal detecting resources:
Metal Detecting Forum
UK Detector Net
National Council for Metal Detecting
Ploughed and Rolled

6 September, 2011.
Roger Howell has kindly provided us with images of his collection from Ardentinny beach. Sorry, he can’t entertain claims for that 50p piece you lost in 1972!

[nggallery id=24]


Google Street View car shoots Ardentinny

Eagle-eyed Ardentinny residents on Thursday (14 July) may have noticed the Google Street View car zooming through the village. Hopefully all your front gardens were neat and tidy! The first Street View sweep was in July 2009, check out the results here. Unfortunately this week our intrepid photographer could not catch a snap of the Google car, so the above file image will need to suffice!


The patient angler


Ardentinny digital switchover – do you have a story to tell?

The Digital TV switchover comes to Ardentinny in May. Digital UK is on the hunt for individuals in the Ardentinny area willing to be case studies for the changeover. They are looking for people with quirky/human interest stories who may or may not have switched yet. Perhaps you live in a unique place i.e. a caravan or a mobile home. The only stipulations are that contributors are under 75 and have a valid TV licence. Interested? Contact Catherine Morrow on 0131 556 6649
or email

Click here for more information on the Digital UK switchover.


New kid on the block

Kain enjoys a beautiful Sunday morning at the Arched Bridge

Life for many dogs in Spain is not always easy, especially for the larger breeds. Former Murcia street dog Kain is settling in nicely to his new home in Ardentinny. Despite being seriously ill when he was rescued just 12 months ago, the 2-year-old German Shepherd is now fully recovered and is a bouncy, good natured dog. Kain is looking forward to meeting lots of new four-legged friends in the village. You can read his story at

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