Ardentinny Community Council

[Update 27 April, 2018]

Ardentinny Community Council By-Election – change of dates for nominations.

The nomination period is now 9-24 May and nomination forms should be lodged with the Returning Officer by 4.00 p.m. on 24 May 2018. Anyone interested in standing for election should contact the election office at or telephone 01546 604331.

Community Council elections for all community councils within Argyll and Bute took place in March/April,2018, the results of which saw the majority in Cowal and Bute uncontested. However, in the case of Ardentinny, the community council remains inquorate. Consequently, a by-election will be held on 28 June with the nomination period running from 8 until 28 May closing date. It is hoped that a sufficient number of candidates will come forward to enable Ardentinny to continue to have a community council.
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Community Council Elections 2018

Community Council Elections are taking place for all Community Councils within the Argyll and Bute Area in April 2018. The formal Notice of Election will be advertised week beginning 5 March 2018. Nomination Packs are available here and from local Customer Service points and from the Returning Officer, Kilmory, Lochgilphead PA31 8RT. Please do not submit an application form until the opening of Nominations which is Tuesday 6 March.

The Nomination period will run from Tuesday 6 March to Thursday 22 March 2018 (closing date). Forms must be lodged with the Returning Officer by no later than 4.00pm on Thursday 22 March 2018.

More information is available here.

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Community Councils – Have your say

Argyll and Bute Council are currently conducting the first phase of a consultation regarding an amended scheme for the establishment of community councils. Copies of the proposed amended scheme and associated documents can be found by clicking on the links here and emailed responses to the consultation should be sent to

Alternatively they may be posted to the Community Council Liaison Officer, Argyll and Bute Council, Kilmory, Lochgilphead, PA31 8RT. All responses should be submitted no later than 19 October, 2017.


“No current plans to increase routine MOD police patrols”

Following media reports regarding Ministry of Defence police officers to begin patrolling civilian areas of Argyll, published last month in the Herald newspaper and Dunoon Observer, Val Kennedy, Ardentinny Community Council’s representative on the Clyde Local Liaison Committee contacted the MOD for clarification.  

At last week’s Community Council meeting Val reported that some members of the Ardentinny community were concerned by the press reports. “I asked Coulport if we could have a statement which explains to us what their side of the story is because there was some suggestion by the people who came to me that there was information about increasing armed patrols and they were disturbed about this.” The MOD statement received by the Community Council is as follows:

“Ministry of Defence (MOD) police officers have historically routinely undertaken external patrols in the vicinity of HM Naval Base Clyde, which includes the Royal Naval Arms Depot at Coulport. The extent of MOD police patrol activities is covered by an agreement with Police Scotland. Responsibility for the maintenance and enforcement of the law in Scotland rests with the Chief Constable of Police Scotland. There has been no increase to routine MOD police patrols outside the two establishments during the last 24 months, although the MOD keeps security at all of its establishments under review and there are no current plans to expand these external patrols. Any proposals to increase external MOD police patrols would be agreed with Police Scotland.” 

Aiden Doherty, Head of Outdoor Education at Ardentinny Outdoor Centre told the Community Council that, at a meeting with the MOD late last year, the MOD had asked for permission to use the Centre’s slipway, to which they had agreed. 

On Monday 13 February two MOD police officers who had earlier disembarked from an MOD Police ‘RIB’ were seen on foot on the main Ardentinny road near Ardentinny Church.  

Argyll and Bute MP Brendan O’Hara on 12 January, 2017 tabled a total of 21 questions at Westminster on the increased role of the Ministry of Defence Police within local civilian areas in and around Helensburgh and Lomond.


Further Community Council Resignation

Since the 5th April Community Council meeting, Councillor Bill Williamson has resigned. This reduces the total number of community councillors to five. It was mentioned at the last meeting that they need more members. If you are interested, the contact details of the current councillors can be found on their website


New Community Council Convener and Vice Convener

At the 5th April Ardentinny Community Council Meeting Marian Norris was elected Convener and Neil Robinson was elected Vice Convener. It was also announced that Community Councillor, Dennis Gower had resigned. Chairperson, Marian Norris, expressed thanks for Dennis’ long service to the Community.


Anticipated Community Council Election

At the upcoming community council meeting on Tuesday 5th April, it is anticipated that there will be an election of a new convener.

The last meeting was brought forward from the usual first Tuesday of February to Thursday 14 January. The then convener, Roy Harrison, explained that they had brought forward the meeting in order to announce his resignation prior to his leaving the village.

It was agreed that Vice Convener, Marian Norris would act as Convener until the next meeting when a new convener would be elected.

Community Council meetings are open to the public and, as usual, all are welcome on Tuesday 5th April at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall.


Army exercise

The following notice was posted on Ardentinny notice board by Ardentinny Community Council.

‘We have been informed that the army will be having an exercise on Forestry Commission land on east Loch Eckside then, on leaving FC ground, they will be moving down the Glen and driving back to Glenbranter through Ardentinny and shore villages. This is a navigation/driving exercise and will involve approx. 25 trucks and 15 landrovers. The dates for the exercise are 19-21st February but it is intended that it would be Saturday 20th February when the vehicles will be going through the village.’



Ardentinny Community Council Meeting 1 Dec 2015 – Draft Minutes

Ardentinny Community Council Meeting 1 Dec 2015 – Draft Minutes (PDF)


Ardentinny Community Council Meeting 7 Oct 2015 – Draft Minutes

Ardentinny Community Council Meeting 7 Oct 2015 – Draft Minutes (PDF)

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